From other cities, discounts agreements with the AAFIC in your round trip tickets with the companies of


* Agreement of 25% discount on your tickets with ALSA. Consult the WEB and   or on the ALSA WEB:

You must inform if you have Disability when purchasing your ticket with ALSA at the time of booking, either through the website or at the points of sale.

Commercial Department of ALSA – ASTURIAS

Transportation Division

EEAA of Oviedo. C / Pepe Cosmen, 133001

Phone 985969600 – Corp. 73106

The ALSA company has regular bus lines that connect Gijón with the entire national territory. The ALSA station is very well connected with all our headquarters that are 500 meters from the Gijón Bus Station in the City Center.

From the date 24/05/2018 – This is the date from which the discount code provided by the organization will be active and can already be purchased through the ALSA website.

Until date vta 29/11/2018 – This is the maximum date until which you can buy the ticket on the ALSA website with the discount code provided by the organization.

From travel date 27/11/2018 – Authorized travel date from which you can travel in ALSA with this code to Gijón.

Until travel date 3/12/2018 – Maximum date until which you can travel in ALSA with this code (if you try to apply this code outside of these dates, you will not be able to do it and the discount code provided by the organization will not apply).

* Agreement of discounts on your tickets with RENFE. Check the WEB  and   and the RENFE WEB:   and



Station: Gijón

Discount: 30%

Date Event:

From 11/29/2018 to 12/2/2018

Term of validity:

from 11/27/2018 to 12/04/2018

– The document that entitles you to the discount will be distributed to the attendees by the organizer of the AAFIC through their available means, necessarily in an individualized and controlled manner under the registration of the attendant to the event.

– Failure to comply with this condition will be grounds for cancellation of the discount.

– The presentation of the “Discount Authorization” printed, on the access control, or to the Train Supervisor, is mandatory.