Tote Art* Made&Commerce was born in tribute and reference to people who always get up upside, whatever happens. Because the women and men I know and whom I have as a reference are optimistic, positive, fighters and  are those who love to help to others.

-We will pay special attention to art, culture, design, and, without being frivolous, to fashion and everything it covers. The human being, whether they recognize it or not, are attracted to fashion, and beauty of the body.

-We worry about liking to others, and we look for the people we like them. It is natural. Wherever you go, visit the country you visit there is a constant in this attraction to beauty, everyone is concerned about their appearance. Even in the most remote village of the most recondite place, there are settlers who draw symbols on their bodies. They also decorate their hair with feathers or flowers, and make decorations with the materials they have on hand. Women and men seek beauty for them, for those around them, also for their homes and for their lives in general.

In TOTE ART * MADE & COMMERCE we are passionate about fashion, art, culture and life, but we understand that not everything it is worth.

-We all want to be great, to have an adequate image; but without becoming another person, or in a copy of something you have seen before. It is neccessary to maintaining the essence of each one, what defines them. It’s about changing just the neccessary, highlighting the good in you, and improving what you like the least. The models that appear in the photos of our blog are real women and men. These are people whom you cross in the street, of different sizes and ages. We do not use Photoshop to touch up the skin, as we value natural beauty.

-Our fashion recommendations are based on finding and creating new trends. We also give advice, we make winks to other times, and we always try to put a smile. We flee from consumption for consumption. We mix seasonal clothing with vintage, brand stores or a flea market. Always looking for responsible consumption, also trying to look for savings, and the use of sustainable materials. The materials that are between these sustainable materials are the following: organic, ecological, and recycled products. And, in adition, we will value manufacturing criteria that respect minimum standards of dignity for workers.

-We defend the vintage, to give several uses to the same garment, or to an object if we are talking about decoration. You have to throw imagination and creativity into life. It may not be very beneficial for the fashion industry, but for our economy. Recycling grandma’s wardrobe, looting our parents’, to exchange clothes with friends. Or we can as well, sell the clothes we do not use, or donate them. Clothes have several lives, and if we do so there will be less garbage in the planet.

-We are strong supporters of makeup, but we show real women and men as we mentioned before. We have our own way of understanding the use of cosmetics. We try to highlight, to highlight, but without losing the essence of each one. We defend subtlety against disguise. Except in Carnivals

-We do not identify people only through their bodies, no matter how real their bodies are. We are fascinated by minds, professional and live experiences. We avoid that the models are represented as objects, as so, we always present all our collaborators with a small biographical review.

-We take our time to do things. We live in a time when we want all, and we want it now. That is the reason that we go upstream. We tell stories, and photograph women and men in their day-to-day situations. We photograph in moments in which we reconcile family, social and personal life, as well as work. But we are always  looking for the positive side. Highlighting the balance, we think that everything can be achieved. We know that our dreams are within our reach, but we are not superheros. You have to try not to leave shreds of your skin trying to reach everywhere. You should begin first with small objectives, easy things to achieve, to be able to opt for higher goals. It’s about enjoying the journey as much as the destination.

-We participate and encourage participation in social and altruistic causes, we seek good purposes and above all, good people. Everything gathered in this Company points to the highest: the deepest feelings, trying to transmit the most noble and true values ​​of each one of us.

You can correct our translations, we can make mistakes because we are not professional translators.

Thank you.