Should you come if you are a professional?

This congress is aimed at professionals within any of the fields of arts and culture. Therefore, women and men alike. Whether they are from the public sector or the private sector, be they artists, independent professionals or entrepreneurs. Or critics, managers, curators, gallerists, collectors, designers, teachers, writers. As well as directors of public institutions, publishers, researchers, specialized journalists, architects, lawyers, etc. AAFIC has a preference for professionals who work to improve the visibility and equality of women in the artistic, social and cultural fields. But above all, AAFIC is a Festival, Fair and Congress, open to the general public, with any kind of cultural, artistic, educational or technological concern.

Why you must come or follow it by Streaming?

The AAFIC Professional Festival that is organized in Gijón (Asturias, Spain), is the event in which you will find the best specialists and professionals of the sector. You will be able to listen to lectures, and participate in workshops. You will also have networking to learn, do business and share knowledge. All focused on the world of art and culture.

After two editions, the AAFIC Professional Congress is a benchmark for all professionals and associations in the sector. In a relaxed atmosphere, you can talk about the future of Art and Culture with recognized professionals, and colleagues from all over Europe. Also of Latin America and of all the Continents, which constitutes part of our objective, that is, that turns out to be universal.

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Who is it for?

The #AAFIC Festival is open to everyone interested in the World of Art and Culture.

Differences #AAFIC

The Professional Festival of the AAFIC wants to break the elitist image of the world of art and culture, making it accessible to the general public. The #AAFIC is a congress for professionals and of a more practical nature than other conferences. In this will be treated with people of proven success. We will talk about real cases of Cultural Management, to learn from the best and to be more like them.

AAFIC’s main objective is education in non-discrimination of any kind. It also wants to give visibility to women in the field of arts and culture. Trying this last always from any format: exhibitions, actions, ephemeral constructions, video, workshops, etc.