The AAFIC Collection

It is a space that has its own aesthetic and conceptual proposal. If I have phenomenal money, but if not, we have to have a heart and knowledge, although it is something that we can educate thanks to the personalities of the World of Visual Arts that participate in the Congress. The AAFIC Collection has to be my space, where I expose the works and works of the artists that I like, since in the end what I am showing are my tastes, with my criteria, with my concerns, with my thoughts and with my feelings.

My personality as a creator and collector must be constantly reflected in everything I do because that way I am sincere. When I show a job and not another, it is because I have the conviction that I fully endorse that work and I appreciate your support and collaboration with my work, not as an investment.

Work Acquired in the 3rd Edition of 2018

Work Acquired in the 3rd Edition of 2017