We would like to show our gratitude from the organizing team of AAFIC, Congress, Festival and International Fair of Accessible Arts of Asturias. We want to give our sincere thanks to all those who have believed in our project. Thanks to all those who have enlightened it with their delusion, and without whose participation it would not have been possible its accomplishment.


AAFIC is an international and innovative event within the world of Art, Culture, Education and Technology. AAFIC will have a wide variety of activities for audiences of all ages. We will use the latest trends in technology as tools to transform and improve people’s accessibility. This accessibility it refers to which that people with disabilities need, and it will be carried out in a Universal way.

All the world created to make possible the AAFIC was born to enhance the image of people who suffer some kind of disability. Although also to enhance the image of women in general. This congress will be held in a multi-venue space. In this Conference, the concept of “multiple arts” will be taken into account in its broadest sense. And I mean, looking for a social projection, as broad as possible, of culture.

This Congress also seeks to be reinforcement and support of the arts and culture. As well as the idea of creation, among children, adolescents, and people with different types of disabilities. Its intention is to attract all of them to the world of art. And especially, it offers a proposal of fun and leisure to the youngest. All this was born from the hand of the company Tote Art Made & Commerce and its founder and Ceo, Tote Morán, in July 2016. It wants to demystify the elitism of the world of Art and Culture, promoting accessibility to this world. All of this, helping to promote the non-discrimination of any kind. Also helping to normalize the situation of people with disabilities.

Tote has created this Congress as an educational, innovative, cultural and business activity. It fuses both the world of art, culture and leisure to generate a clear social benefit. It is born thanks to a young and independent team, to be an event in which are given the latest tendencies of art and culture. And it is a collaborative space for professionals from different sectors. Among them there are professionals who work in institutions, in galleries, in companies, in foundations. Or that they have collaborated in other fairs, as well as collectors, artists, etc. Also for those who work in art centers and, to sum up, for the general public. Involves learning activities or professional visits. Also networking area, coworking room, all for the exchange of experiences. Although there will be among all this place for presentations by speakers, guests and sponsors. AAFIC, the Congress, Festival and International Art Fair, is a platform to empower and give visibility to all these people. Also to give visibility to the entities involved.

We refer to give visibility in the artistic world. Then, the main objective of the AAFIC Congress, will be to break the elitist image of the world of art. This is, making this world accessible to the general public, and especially to children, women and people with any type of disability. Therefore, our main objective is education in non-discrimination. With this, the presence and visibility of women in the field of arts and culture is particularly enhanced. We want to project it from any stage: exhibitions, actions, ephemeral constructions, videos, workshops, etc.

This Congress will be completed with the incorporation of a series of proposals and concepts, which will be intensely addressed through the presentation of projects. Also through a networking area, round tables, workshops and the Art Fair or Giaf. The Giaf will take place within the Congress. Together, all this will lead to an annual meeting point that will serve to achieve the following general objectives:

  • To offer a blank document to start a joint work process to promote cultural tourism in Asturias. This work will be carried out in virtue of the triple alliance of art and culture, institutions and professionals in the sector.Alliance promulgated by this Conference and the Regional Government Board.
  • To encourage the use of internet, R & D, social media and the world 2.0, 4.0, 6.0. These are tools that have great relevance in the art world. As they are also resources that favor research and innovation and the creation of new marketing strategies. These resources also have repercussion in the universe of traditional art. And they have an impact on the new way of buying, which opens up with the online world, and on the dissemination of art.
  • To promote the different projects that are developed in the field of art and creativity in general. As a result, this Conference will be a projection of these fields towards the nationally and at regional level.
  • To defend the professional inclusion of people with disabilities through artistic and creative activities. Also supporting all the initiatives that pursue this goal. As well as developing specific projects to achieve it.
  • To sensitize and influence the need to achieve full accessibility for people with any type of disability to culture. This accessibility is understood in how to make accessible or possible the access to work, headquarters and training.
  • To be an open door to every person or institution working in the field of art. Person or institution that also work in the field of creative leisure or free time, especially for people with disabilities.
  • To be a center for training and dissemination of activities, center accessible to people with any type of disability. Activities are related to art and creativity, including:
  • The plastic arts, theater, corporal expression, music, visual arts, literature,etc.
  • The impact of new technologies in the world of art and culture. Since web pages and new technologies are an ideal platform for the distribution of visual content such are the arts.
  • Along with the promotion, web content is expanded with pedagogical resources. These resources expand the access of new audiences to these cultural venues.
  • Similarly, new technologies have allowed access to the arts and culture of people with disabilities.
  • To create a community of professionals thanks to this Congress. That is, to create a blank sheet for professionals in the sector in Spain, and in Europe, and the rest of the world. Create this community so that all will join, encompassing a global and integral perspective of culture.


The programming of the present Congress will cover fourteen questions each year. These questions will be answered by corresponding conferences followed by their respective colloquia. More than 2000 Uned students can attend these conferences, in person and free of charge. Also can attend students of Spanish universities, as well as of Art and Design schools. You can also watch several technical tutorial videos as well as you can have advice for professionals in the sector. These videos will be broadcasted, in addition to the venue, on our You Tube channel. By other hand, the four Master Class of Performing Arts will have a capacity of 800 attendees. We will have the participation of different schools, so that the children attend with their families as guests. There will also be a Showroom of initiation to the Fine Arts,

The topics to be discussed in the conferences, as in the Master Class, as in the Showroom, are the result of the hard work done by Tote Morán. Work that he has done regarding his concerns. This concern is its impetus to bring knowledge of the world of arts, education and culture, to the most disadvantaged groups.

The Conference will be aimed at all professional profiles, within the specialties of art and culture. These profiles can be those of the public or private sector, artists or independent professionals. Also can be entrepreneurs, critics, managers, curators, gallery owners, collectors. Or can be designers, teachers, writers, directors of public institutions, editors, etc. for all of them, the goal is to work to improve the visibility and equality of women and people with disabilities. And this visibility and equality must be realized in all areas, both social, artistic and cultural.


AAFIC is an International Conference that will have fourteen lectures, as well as Technical Tutorials Videos on our You Tube channel. You can also enjoy four Master Class for children and their families on Performing Arts. Another activity is the Showroom of initiation to the Fine Arts. And there will be sections dedicated exclusively to Innovation, Graphic Design, Virtual and Augmented Reality – for people with visual disabilities. Also there will be 3D printing, live recording, as well as video games, world 2.0, 4.0, 6.0 and R + D + I. In addition to everything previously mentioned, in this Conference you can enjoy our proposal of Leisure and Gastronomy. This proposal will be offered by our meeting and restoration point.

There will also be concerts and audiovisuals, within our Vermú sessions, as well as in the nights of the Giaf festival. There will be live performances by musical groups and DJs. These musicians and DJs will be residents of Asturias, as well as guests of the Giaf from other places. Access will always be with prior invitation, or with the purchase of Premium tickets, for those over 18 years old. The Giaf is an Art Fair, which will be held in a space donated by the Asturian institutions, within the space where AAFIC will be. In these facilities there will be an exhibition of Visual Arts, and include a stand section for One Projects.


The present author and ideology of what is exposed is in a process of developing an international meeting plan. These meetings will mean the consolidation of the AAFIC and its conference in Asturias, during the month of December. Congress that will be the closing of the national calendar of the great art and culture fairs. The perspective of this congress is to add each year new participants and representatives of the cultural, professional and business sectors. One of the main ideas is to convert Asturias, both for its potential and for its infrastructure equipment, in the national headquarters of these congresses. And as a national reference, it will be the one that closes the annual art and culture calendar. And, of course, it will become too a world reference in the professional, cultural and business sector of the world of culturewithin Film and TV, Photography, Set Design, Music, Fine Arts and Design, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Etc … .


AAFIC- International and Accesible Arts Festival, Fair and Conference

Founder & Ceo

Tote Benito Morán Fernández