If you want to see all the Conferences during 6 (6) months ON LINE so that all the University Students of the UNED and UNIDIS that make the subsequent Control Test satisfactorily will receive 1 ECTS credit and 2 credits of free configuration.

General Fee € 30 (Management Fee, VAT and commissions included in the price of your Fee), pay at the Ticket Gate for your Registration and the acquisition of the Streaming Fee. Access for all the General Public who wants to see the Online Congress and be able to have access to do the Control Test and obtain their Certificate with the receipt of the payment of the Fee.


@artesaccesiblesfest, Feria y Congreso Internacional On Line AAFIC



Streaming technology is used to optimize the download and playback of audio and video files that tend to have a certain weight. Streaming works through the connection to the server. The client player connects to the remote server and it begins to send the file.

You will be able to see this congress in everything direct through the world via internet: http://asturiasarte.com/streaming/, in 2 different modalities:

1) In person and FREE of charge for all the public that wishes it in the Assembly Hall of the Ground Floor of the School of Commerce in El Parchis-Gijón-Asturias-Spain. This modality is addressed to all the professionals of the sector, to the University Students of UNED-UNIDIS, or of any other Spanish University and School or Training Centers.

2) Live Streaming FREE from any computer in the world in the link where you can see is: https://creagenio.es/congreso-aafic/

3) In Deferred, by Streaming for all the public that wishes it and especially for the University Students of all the World, because these will be able to receive 1 credit ECTS and 2 credits of free configuration. thanks to the agreement of the Organization of the Congress with several Spanish Universities. You will receive the links to the recording once the activity has finished for 2 months from any computer if you register and acquire your connection through TICKETEA or guest after receiving the connection for free your University for the donation and work of patronage that Tote Morán will perform as Owner of the AAFIC thanks to the support and assistance of its Sponsors.

In Deferred from any computer  if you register and acquire your connection through TICKETEA.

1- After paying your registration in TICKETEA you must request the registration form that will facilitate the organization to achieve the credits to be students of UNED or UNIDIS to our email feriainternacionaldeartegijon@gmail.com
2 – Email of the contact UNED. tfeliz@edu.uned.es
3- Contact Person of the UNED. Tiberio Feliz Murias
4- Control Test based on the selected videos published since December 10 and based on the test questions.
5- The UNED does not charge for the issuance of the certificate after passing the Test. As we have requested 1 ECTS by University Extension, nothing will be charged for the issuance of the certificate.

All University Students of the UNED and UNIDIS who perform the subsequent Control Test in a satisfactory manner will receive 1 ECTS credit.

Certification / Teaching Hours 25 h:

A certificate / diploma will be provided for assistance to Congress to all registered persons who request it to the UNED. In said certificate all the data of the Congress will be included. The cost of managing said diploma is 0 €.

It is imperative that students who follow the course by Streaming indicate their email address at the time of enrollment.

If the payment receipt is not delivered by any of the established channels, the registration will not be considered realized. The receipt can be delivered by email or fax, as well as in person at the secretary of the Center.

Requests for cancellation or cancellation of registration must be notified in writing (email or fax). And they must be done at least 3 days before the start of the activity. After this period, the registration fee will only be returned in the case of illness or labor incompatibility that has occurred suddenly. For this, the student must present the documentation that proves it.

The minimum requirements to follow the course by Streaming are:

* Computer with Web Browser that has the Flash Plugin installed (version 11.3 or higher).

* Stable Internet connection.

* In the Streaming, speakers or headphones in order to receive the audio.

* In case you are going to participate as a speaker on a web conference, you need a headset and a microphone. Or, failing that, an audio device that suppresses echoes.

* The user must be in a network that has not leaked of certain ports. There are corporate networks that filter certain ports so that their workers can not navigate some pages like some video portals, etc. In order to solve possible incidents, it is requested that the students who attend by Streaming, should connect 10 minutes before beginning of the activity or presentation.


LINK of the Company that distributes the signal for the Connection of the Streaming


Fees and Registration for the ON LINE Congress by Streaming

1-FREE Reduced Super Tuition and Tuition Fees

Alunmnos with Disability / Victims of Terrorism / Special Numerous

Free attendance

Free Internet Direct

For people who register after December 2, 2018 and make the payment before June 30, 2019 (if applicable), the prices of their registration fee that will apply will be those of the following table.

Deferred Internet   30 € 


2- Quota Prices and General Tuition € 30

Fees General Registration / Association of Alumni and Friends UNED / Large Family / University Students / Unemployed Persons / Students UNED, PAS, Prof. Headquarters and UNED Tutors. Collaborators Practicum. UNED SENIOR students and seniors 65 years old.

Free attendance

Direct Internet       Free

For people who register after December 2, 2018 and make the payment before June 30, 2019 (if applicable), the prices of their registration fee that will apply will be those of the following table.

Deferred Internet   30 €

 Centers of the UNED in Spain and the World that will receive all the Information of the Congress, and in which the diffusion of the same is done to inform their students that they can follow it through our Streaming Platform:

A Coruña
Alcalá la Real
Ávila MEC
Cangas de Onís
El Barco de Ávila

Información General
Instituciones Penitenciarias
La Palma
Las Palmas
Les Illes Balears
L´Hospitaled de Llobregat
Madrid (Fundación General de la UNED)
Málaga – Fundación

Molina de Aragón
Puerto del Rosario

It can be watched live by streaming at the following UNED Centers of the World abroad:

UNED Center in Bata

UNED Center in Bern

UNED Center in Brussels Center of the

UNED in Buenos Aires

UNED Center in Caracas

UNED Center in Berlin (Munich / Frankfurt)

UNED Center in Lima

UNED Center in London

UNED Center in Malabo

UNED Center in Mexico

UNED Center in Paris

UNED Center in Sao Paulo

UNED Examination Center in New York

UNED Examination Center in Rome

UNED Examination Center in Bogotá

UNED Examination Center in Santiago de Chile

It can also be watched live by Streaming in the following Centers through the Platform of the Route #YoTrabajoPositivo present in the Cities of Barcelona, ​​Cáceres, Castellón, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Lleida, Madrid, Ourense, Pamplona, ​​Santander, Seville , Valencia, Zamora and in the following Countries:

Spain, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Portugal

Venezuela- Venezuelan Federation of Scientific Societies of Medical Students (FEVESOCEM) IFMSA. Av Don Tulio with Calle 32 A la 35 Building Faculty of Medicine Piso Pb Administrative Office Sector Don Tulio, Merida State, City of Merida, Venezuela, Postal Zone 5101

Argentina Hosting Foundation Passage Angel Peluffo 3932 (C1202ABB) Autonomous City of Buenos Aires – Argentina Tel / Fax: (5411) 4981 7777 info@huesped.org.ar

They can also be seen through the ONCE Foundation Platform in the following Countries: