We are asturians from birth, proud of our homeland, its landscape, its people and its products. We want to announce all the Excelence and Potential of this land nationally and internationally.


In TOTE ART*MADE&COMMERCE we do turistic promotion of Asturias, Spanish autonomous region, Public Relations, Events, Management Proyects. Also, Audiovisual Production and Creation, Photography, Art Exhibitions. As well, we do, Conferences, Fairs, Sport Events, and as Curators.


Does TOTE ART* MADE&COMMERCE have some political affiliation?

NO, TOTE ART* MADE&COMMERCE does not have any political nor ideological interests.


Does TOTE ART* MADE&COMMERCE depend on some official organism?

NO, TOTE ART* MADE&COMMERCE does not depend on any official organism.

TOTE ART* MADE&COMMERCE is a private corporation until nowdays, so that it does not depend on any government ministry, ministry in a regional government, or city council. Though, in other hand, can ask for colaboration on these institutions, and others, public or private. In this way, it can get its objectives and a turistic benefit for Asturias.

Our corporation and our blog are born with a clear service vocation for the community. And this, in spite of have the willing of being a Social Corporation completely private, without any type of economic Aid or Subvention.


Our Mission:

Our Association was born with a clear service vocation for the community, and it was created with some very clear objectives:

  1. To show up that we cannot go without the 14% of the population. So, as well as without the percentage of population that take care in some way of the people that have some kind of disability.
  2. To combat the discrimination that people with disability suffer. This discrimination is held in cultural, artist or social events and in sport activities. Many times these are events that are held due to their disability.
  3. To offer a virtual, international and permanent exposure plataform to the world of an exceptional event. This is going to be an special event as well. And this event is going to be expanded through internet and the digital media.
  4. To favour participation on the Asturias Competition of Solidarity, the AAFIC, the GIAF and on Asturias Holidays in a completely free mode for the people with disabilities and for children. Their participation as guests will be thanks to our collaborators and sponsors´s aid.
  5. To show up the values that the Association support with its participation on the Sport Trial “Asturias Caring Race for the Accessibility”. Also to show up the visibility that gains with this same participation.
  6. To strengthen the self-esteem of a community of people that have a very special sensitivity.
  7. To give value to the contribution that people with disability can offer to society. To give value also to the contribution that this people can offer to our tourism, to the art, to innovation and to the economy.
  8. To encourage empleability of people with disability and the equality of opportunities of these people through special employment centres. Also through associations, foundations and recruitment agencies, to achieve their laboral, social, cultural and professional inclusion.
  9. To establish colaboration with all institutions, associations and enterprises that dedicate to support the most disadvantaged collectives. To get to promote sport, knowledge, education, culture, art, innovation and formation. With it, these collectives achieve a profession or adapted and accesible job, and also the people with any kind of Disability, HIV or Sida and the women in social exclusion risk with children.
  10. To make communication campaigns in digital media and in traditional press to spread the news of our events. These events can be sportive, as well as cultural, expositive, artist, social, and also conferences. All these events shall be made and organizated by special people with any kind of disability.
  11. To make better the cuality of life of the people with disability and their families.
  12. To help through Donations to people that need it, also through Centres, Servicies and Activities designed to proportionate specialized attention to people with disability.
  13. To develop the principles of integration in any kind of context of actuation.
  14. To obtain the normalization and integration of people with disability in all their sphere of activity: personal, familiar, laboral and social.
  15. To defend their rights and to advise to people with disability and their families.


TOTE ART* MADE&COMMERCE is a member signatory and subscriber of the World Pact of the United Nations. It shares its aim of an ethics management, based in the Ten Principles. This is the reason for what we have associated and we participate in an active way with the more important initiative in matter of RSE worldwide. These ten Principles reflect our Mission, Philosophy and Rules from our beginning. These are the Ten Principles:

  1. “Companies should support and respect the protection of human rights, reconognized internationally, inside their sphere of influence”.
  2. “Companies should make sure that they are not accomplice of the Human Rights abuses”.
  3. “Companies should support freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to the collective negotiation”.
  4. “Companies should support the elimination of all kind of compulsory labour or forced”.
  5. “Companies should support the effective erradication of children´s labour”
  6. “Companies should support the abolition of the discrimination in respect of employment and occupation”.
  7. “Companies should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges”.
  8. “Companies should undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility”.
  9. “Companies should encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies”.
  10. “Companies should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery”.


AAFIC is a registered trademark, that belongs to TOTE ART MADE&COMMERCE. It is not allowed the copy, spread the whole or partial transfer, in any media or support, of any photograph or video archive. Nor, as well, of the texts and contents, nor of the design or textils or art piece. This is not allowed without the autorization on purpose of its owner, or to serve to a different aim of the given autorization.

TOTE ART MADE&COMMERCE does not assume any kind of responsability about the opinions, texts, photographs and comments make publics on the WEB or the BLOG. As well as the opinions disseminate in any of its Official Social Networks by its followers and collaborators.


AAFIC – Accessible Arts Festival, Fair and International Congress

Tote Morán

Founder & Ceo

Gijón – Principado de Asturias – Spain