TOTE ART*MADE & COMMERCE: Distinctions, Awards and Recognitions

#yporqueno In 2018 the Seal of “Culture and Patronage” is awarded with what is the 1st Seal that is granted in Spain, and the 1st that is granted to a Festival, Fair and Congress of Art and Culture that achieves this Honor of wear the Seal of Culture and Patronage of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Proposed to the Queen Letizia 2018 Awards for Inclusive Culture of the Royal Board on Spanish Disability

Finalist of the Contemporary Art Foundation in its Program 10 x 10 Public Innovation and Culture, within the framework of Public 18, guests by the Banco Sabadell Foundation.

Selected among the 20 Finalists from more than 70 Art and Culture Events throughout Spain. Of these, 10 were presented publicly on January 24, 2018 at the Círculo de Bellas Artes, in Madrid.

Company Distinguished by the ONCE Foundation, The Ministry of Education, UNED – UNIDIS and I Work Positive, in the IV Meeting of Companies Responsible for HIV and AIDS in Spain.

First Asturian company that already has signed its commitment to the #YoTrabajoPositivo Platform, to which we invite you to join. Its Founder and Ceo Tote Morán is a volunteer collaborator of the Anti-AIDS Committee of Asturias since 2012.

The Founder & Ceo Tote Morán has created the “CARRERA SOLIDARIA ASTURIAS” , this race is a National Accessibility Example, for its fight for Non-Discrimination and Solidarity since it is the:

1st Popular Race of Spain with Certification of Accessibility to all its Route. In which it is invited to participate for free to more than 200 people with Great Disability with all included as any other runner.

1st Race of Asturias that belongs to the # YoTrabajoPositvo Plataform,  for the fight against the discrimination of people with HIV or AIDS.

1st Race that has been Admitted by the Superior Council of Sports within its Program of Sport Events of Exceptional Character.

1st Asturian Race that admits Guide Dogs to the Runners with Visual Disability or with visibility problems.

1st Asturian Race and National Finalist of the Unniova Accessibility Awards of the ONCE Foundation, invited by DISCAPNET in 2017, as “Best Social Project in Spain and” Best Innovative Idea in Accessibility in Spain.

1st Race of Asturias, and we do not know the exact number in Europe that they have or have obtained this Distinction: the “5 Stars of the Run For All European of Athletics”.

TOTE ART * MADE & COMMERCE is one of the signatory companies of the United Nations Global Compact since 2015. It is an international initiative that pursues the implementation of Ten Basic Principles of conduct and action in the field of Human Rights. Also it is in the Standards Labor, Environment and Anti-Corruption, in the strategy and daily operations of the company.

AAFIC – Festival of Accessible Art, Fair and International Congress

Tote Morán

Founder & Ceo

Gijón – Principality of Asturias – Spain