AAFIC -Accessible Arts Festival, Fair and International Congress

Maybe you like art, culture and education, and you would like to help out, but you do not know how, or you may not have enough time. Then, the group that we have created it is for you. You can sign up from this page  => BUTTON TO VISIT THE GROUP.


In it we will tell you how you can help. Sometimes it will be as simple as giving us an opinion, or sharing and disseminating news. Also, give us ideas, or help us to contact someone. And, at other times, maybe we need a volunteer on time. Being in the group you will find out, and if you can do something, well, great! And if not, nothing happens.

And of course, it does not matter how old you are, or your physique, whether you’re left-handed or right-handed, tall or short, or whether you’re a man or a woman … or if you have any kind of disability!

EVERYONE who wants to help is welcome!

VIP STAND of the Organization:

This is a space that must be coordinated with the President, Founder & Ceo Tote Morán about the possibility of its use. It must be used under previous Reservation (to know its availability and costs), and exclusivity.

In this space, you can organize business meetings, private activities with your clients, friends or artists, or presentations to media, etc., etc.

In all the activities that are organized, in any space of the AAFIC, only Products of our Sponsors can be used, exclusively. And they can only be served in exclusivity, by the Restaurant and Catering Company that has acquired the Concession of our Official Meeting Point of Catering and Restoration of the AAFIC.

In the VIP STAND of the Organization, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, we will organize, for our Ambassadors, Patrons, Speakers, Congressmen, Exhibitors, Artists and Guests, a series of tastings of Asturian Products. These products will be from the Companies of our Sponsors and Collaborators. They will be offered at AFTER WORKS in the AFTERNOONS.

Both the Access Controllers, and the Coordinators and Hostesses, who are hired in this space, and necessary for the Activity, can only be hired from the Organizing Company of the AAFIC. Being this company Owner of the same, which isTOTE ART * MADE & COMMERCE.